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Since 1985, Filcro Media Staffing has recruited advertising agency and TV Network executives for some of the world's most respected automotive brands, advertising agencies, and media conglomerates. 


Today we take on new challenges.  With an emphasis towards advertising, creative content and art direction, the Detroit and Dearborn, MI areas offer ideal career opportunities for advertising agency Associate Creative Directors and Senior Art Directors.   The Automotive Industry is on a clear path for growth in 2017-2018 and beyond.  Auto industry analysts project automotive sales growth that has not been seen, since the 1950's.  "Let The Good Times Roll"


"Live The Dream in Dearborn".  "Wonderland" We seek those with multicultural experience.


Associate Creative Director (ACD ) - Copy: Online & OnAir, 70% Digital

Associate Creative Director (ACD) - ART: Online & OnAir, 70% Digital

Senior Copy Writer (SCW)

Art Director (AD)

Senior Art Director (SAD)


America's demographics have changed radically since the 1980's and the creative aptitude to reach all consumers who represent "today's" automotive consumer is greatly sought after in Detroit and Dearborn. Client facing, creative directors and art directors with open minds and creative hearts will realize opportunities, where they can create their own unique culture, in the security and stability of one of the world's most unique advertising agencies. 


Telling a Story


A Gifted Wordsmith In Print, On-Air, On-Line or to a Fortune 50 Boardroom... Can you tell stories that provoke thought and evoke emotion ?  This is the talent we are seeking.  This is the creative "story teller" who will lead and mentor others.  Stories need to be told to a multitude of different people and different cultures. Indeed, America today, represents a creative challenge never seen before and we are seeking those who represent the future of the automotive industry on the agency and client side.


What We Admire... An Example


We admire the Nicole Lyons story.  Here is a dynamic African-American woman who worked hard in a male dominated sport to make her mark and blaze a trail for others to follow.   


Can you take the reins and bring the next generation of female car owners in America to realize their dreams in their next automobile? Can you tell stories with words and images that make people pause for thought?  Can you sit in front of a Fortune 50 client and relate to the Nicole Lyons story?  Can you tell her story to America and many others like it?


The sophistication of understanding what drives a woman like Nicole Lyons to buy a car is chess... Not Checkers!


Filcro Media Staffing is proud to post the executive searches we have been engaged to conduct in Detroit and Dearborn, to bring these creative thought leaders forward.



Associate Creative Director (ACD) - Copy for: Online & OnAir, 70% Digital

Associate Creative Director (ACD) - Art: Online & OnAir, 70% Digital
Senior Art Director (AD) - Art

Senior Copy Writer (SCW) - Copy

Art Director (AD) - Art

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