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KissMyKite Sports - Tennis
Luxury Venue Accommodations - Tennis


Filcro Sports in conjunction with KissMyKite and The Manhattan Eaters Club as of 2022 reaches over 280,000 consumers of luxury sports and event accommodations in The United States.


Luxury suite owners and consumers of the most desired venue seating have reserved access to events and an intimate look as some of the finest facilities for those in US, LATAM, EU, MENA and ASIA markets who enjoy premier seating offered in The United States.  Our goal is to increase awareness and usage of luxury sports accommodations.


With media offices in New York, Florida and California, the primary audience of corporate and hi-net-worth individuals are part of the 2.5 million on-line who participate in consuming media and access to the same venues provided by KissMyKite Sports.


The Firm’s founding history of extreme sports coverage leverages a youthful demographic that compliments the corporate and hi-net-worth following to create a new generation of luxury seating accommodation consumers.


With a noted heritage of NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL media coverage and event-day production, KissMyKite Sports is part of Filcro Media’s Fashion, Music and Sports brands that are launching print publication partnerships and online media for a discriminating audience of consumers.  

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