Sr. Director or VP of Music Publishing | A&R
Pop & Dance 

Global Markets - U.S. Japan


Location Office & Studios Los Angeles, CA


Compensation Six-figure base salary with comprehensive benefits, savings and other incentives.  Exceptional firm culture and work environment.  


We are seeking a honed music industry professional to lead an important division of one of the most respected music and entertainment companies globally.

This A&R Music Publishing executive should greatly enjoy developing strong U.S. based writing/producer teams in Los Angeles for your Japanese recording artists, signed to your Japan-based labels under the parent company umbrella.  


You will recruit and sign talented U.S. writer/producer teams for Japanese recording artists for new sounds in youthful Japanese markets globally.


This executive will also manage and lead publishing administrative staff for royalties and copyrights.


Responsibilities, Skills & Experience Required



  • This Senior Director of Publishing & A&R shall sign their own writing/producing team(s) to consistently provide songs for some of the most noted Japanese artists in the world. With an emphasis on creating music for Japanese and U.S. Markets.

  • Host noted Japanese recording artists each month to work with talented writers/producers you've sourced/signed.  They will work in a facility you own with multiple writing rooms and an atmosphere built to encourage productivity and emersion in the creative process.

  • The mission is to form and manage songwriter/producer teams who will be at the forefront of the "global creative industry" to constantly provide songs for your artists and develop "original sounds" that set trends in youthful markets.

  • Provide creative services and support to writers in a manner that enhances relationships.

  • Know when to manage or offer autonomy for writing and co-writing sessions for artists with in-house and third-party writers, either independent or signed to other publishers to ultimately leverage the recording studios/labels owned by the company.

  • Constantly source demos from third party writers and publishers for company artists with an ear for new sounds

  • Collaborate with and lead Publishing Administrative Management and Staff to manage the division and maintain a productive and positive work environment.

  • Conduct business practices that are “innovative” with a keen awareness of “new culture”, “new ideas and music technology” in the youthful sectors of the music industry.

  • This creative and publishing division and this executive specifically will provide songs for Japanese artists in Japan who prefer western songs and have aspirations to expand into us markets.


Experience & Skills

  • A minimum of 8-10 years+ of current, relevant music publishing / A&R leadership identifying exceptional writers for primarily Pop, Dance & some Urban.  Mostly Pop & Dance

  • Acumen within Japanese and U.S. markets is desired but not required

  • Experience within Pop, Dance and to a lesser extent Urban genres with extensive access to talented writers and producers.

  • The proven ability to form and manage songwriting and producer teams that can optimize an Artist in Japanese and U.S. music markets

  • A history of setting “trends” in the music industry within youthful markets

  • An executive excited about developing the Japanese Music Market with talented U.S. writers and producers, you will bring forward, and sign

  • Broad business acumen and leadership skills to build the division at a smart pace with maturity and patience

  • A reputation in the industry that will attract other talented music executives, creatives, producers, and writers who will be effective with your roster of Japanese recording artists.

  • Active and "current" in the music "creative community" in Pop, Dance, Urban

  • The ability to evangelize the Firm’s leadership role and capabilities in the music industry as an “innovator”, “creative facilitator” and “technological maverick".

  • Maturity to work with noted artists and their management as well as external legal counsel and internal legal departments.

  • A good sense of royalty, copyrights, sync law to compliment your broad business acumen of music publishing.

  • Reporting capabilities to keep senior management accurately informed of current and future business developments.

  • This executive must be hands-on and lead by example. Player, player/coach capabilities will be essential.

  • Should be well rounded with business, music industry, creative, publishing and writing relationships to be successful 

  • This executive's reputation should be one that attracts talented writers and producers and builds relationships with a history of music industry success and trust

  • This executive must enjoy functioning as part of a "Respected International Team". That "Team Spirit" is a core component to the Firm's corporate and creative culture and success. A keen understanding of collaboration in international music markets with an emphasis on Japan and the U.S. would be ideal

  • Soft skills should exhibit thoughtfulness, maturity, confidence, honesty, decorum, humility, and intelligence.

  • Experience gaining consensus from internal and external interests to get buy-in from all parties.

  • Concise, timely, transparent and detailed messaging so planning, execution and goals are clearly understood by everyone.


This is a very special job for the firm's labels in Japan and the artists you are assigned to 

Facilitating Japanese music label success with creative influences from the U.S. offers challenges and rewards.  

This job is for someone who can be productive and stay on course for 24 months before expanding the division and growing, that's the plan. ​



Tony Filson
Officer in Charge of Search
Filcro Music Staffing / Filcro Media Staffing
Los Angeles, CA | New York, NY


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