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In House Advertising Agency Executive Recruitment
Creative and Technical Executive Search for In House Advertising Agencies

"Intimate Creative Control & Messaging, Colors As You See Them"

Filcro Media Staffing serves the Fortune 50-500, Unicorn Brands and the world's largest media, music and entertainment companies to recruit every level of employee required for world-class in-house advertising and corporate communications.

When FedEx required honed leadership for multinational production of commercial advertising, human resource, and corporate communications they retained Filcro Media Staffing.

When Prudential Financial and Insurance wanted to bring commercial advertising production in-house they turned to Filcro Media Staffing to lower costs, obtain more intimate control of creative messaging and optimize employee and shareholder relations.

When one of the world's largest multinational advertising agencies wanted a Group Account Director to manage the world's largest CPG company, they turned to Filcro Media Staffing.

When one of the world's largest multinational advertising agencies wanted to consolidate costs and combine production, post-production, creative and IT resources in the United States, Europe & LATAM, Filcro Media Staffing was chosen to make it a reality.

When one of the top Corporate Communications firms in the world serving the Fortune 50-500 needed a Creative Art Director with exceptional digital and broadcast media experience, Filcro Media Staffing brought the firm's business goals, to reality.

Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Firms, TV Networks & Motion Picture Studios seeking media leadership and line personnel, turn to Filcro Media Staffing.

In House Advertising Agency Executive Search for:

  • Production & Post Production

  • Writer, Editors, Producers, Directors, On-Air Talent

  • Broadcast Operations and Engineering

  • Set / Stage / Grid / Lighting Design / Creative Services / Sound

  • Media Buyers / Media Planners

  • Media Research / Analytics

  • TV, Radio, Digital, Mobile, Print, OOH, DOOH

  • Art Directors

  • Distribution OTA, OTT, MSO, DOOH, Mobile, Satellite, Press

    • Advertising Production​

    • Press Conferences

    • Corporate Communications / PR

    • Marketing / Sales

    • Human Resources - Employee Relations - Professional Development

    • Corporate TV Network

    • Special Events

    • Investor Relations

To learn more about bringing your business, technical or creative media goals in-house:

Tony Filson | President
Filcro Media Staffing

Email or 212-599-0909


"Filcro Media Staffing bringing media business goals to fruition since 1985"



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