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Filcro Media Staffing provides broadcasting executive search services to recruit TV GM's in every U.S. DMA and multiple international markets.


Television General Managers are identified, recruited, attracted and relocated for individual stations, multi-station, station groups and Network O&O's.

A History of Serving the Broadcasting Industry


Since 1985 Filcro Media Staffing has served the broadcasting industry in domestic and international markets.  With noted achievements, the firm's practice facilitates broadcasting business goals through honed recruitment practices.  


DMA Awareness and Industry Visibility Across Platforms


Filcro Media Staffing is active and visible from the #1 DMA to #210.  Relocating broadcasting executives from 1 to 27 or 207 to outside the U.S. are all viable and noted.


With station ownership building across platforms of traditional broadcast, DX's, OTT, Online, OEM and Mobile today's GM's represent the future of our industry. Multiplexing across multichannel, multiplatform properties and monetizing appropriately are now necessities. 

Strategic Broadcast Nuance, It's About Leadership and The Little Things


"Filcro Media Staffing gets broadcasting".  From the boardroom to business development, technology and creative leadership the firm has identified, recruited, attracted and relocated senior broadcasting executives for over thirty-years as a daily business.  

Most GM's oversee a multitude of internal and external relationships that determine the success of station(s) in extremely competitive markets.  Filcro Media Staffing offers the nuance required to make determinations while recruiting within context of every function required to operate and monetize a broadcasting entity.


Broadcasters Are Our Business


When Filcro Media Staffing was founded in 1985, the firm was entrusted by the major TV networks to recruit for jobs that made the wheels turn behind the scenes.  Traffic, Sales, Engineering, Production, Business Affairs, Affiliate Relations, Programming...  As decades went by and the "wheel turners" became the EVP's, Presidents and CEO's of some of the world's most respected media companies, Filcro Media Staffing played an ever increasing role in recruiting leadership based on relationships.  Broadcasters are the people the firm knows and enjoys.  We celebrate with our clients through their own corporate and professional growth.


Where Are You?


There are numerous reasons why ownership utilizes Filcro Media Staffing to conduct expeditious, verbose or confidential executive searches for senior level broadcasters at the GM, GSM, News Director or CXO level.  From market driven reasoning to specific KPI's and MBO's the firm works with management to set business objectives tied to the success of the executive recruited.  


We Offer Business Solutions Through Specialized Recruitment  


Acquisition: Station groups or investors acquire broadcast properties and want sound leadership to grow their investment. 


Change Agent:  As markets become increasingly competitive a new business mindset is required.


Divestiture:  Individuals, investors, financial institutions or broadcasters seek to optimize the return of their investment within a set period of time.   


Market Penetration: For domestic and international markets as well as multiple language broadcasters for multicast, multiplatform programming.  


Esprit de Corps:  The station(s) require positive motivation from respected leadership. Ownership would like to create a more positive work environment, retain employees and attract new talent in competitive markets. 


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