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Filcro Media Staffing’s heritage began by recruiting for the dynamic foundations of the media industry in the late 1970’s.    The firm’s practice grew considerably with RCA, G&W, NBC, CBS, ABC, Time Warner, Paramount Pictures, SONY, Arista, BMG, Hearst and many others who were the cornerstones of the firm’s initial success.


The Industry People of Filcro Media Staffing

When Filcro Media Staffing was founded in 1983, there was a void in the talent aquation market within the media and entertainment industries.   Hiring executives and human resource professionals were vigorously competing to attract a multitude of business, technical and creative employees to shape the industry.  Filling these positions at the time was arduous and there was a need for a firm that understood strategic and tactical goals as well as the nuance required to recruit and attract the proper employees.


Filcro Media Staffing was founded by media industry professionals with the actual experience within each business, technical and creative environment they were recruiting for.


This respected heritage continues today providing comprehensive global media and entertainment executive search to the most successful names in the media industry as well as the private equity and media investment banks who fund them.


Filcro Media Staffing is not the same company it was in the 70’s 80’s or 90’s or even in 2020.  The ecology of Filcro Media Staffing is driven by the ecology of the Firm’s clients and the evolving business, technical and creative challenges dictated by the industry.   Filcro Media Staffing offers the best of today with a focus on building and growing well into the future.


The current Presidents and CEO’s of substantial media entities are the executives recognized by Filcro Media Staffing as having “capacity” and indeed, our history of success speaks for itself.


Today and Tomorrow - We Provide for Growth


Filcro Media Staffing is always unique in a positive and effective manner.   The firm’s focus, experience and modality are all devoted to media recruitment and the needs of our clients.  Below are brief examples of our approach and documented success. Examples are by actual experience.  We make the process engaging for candidates while providing cost-effective efficacy and for those who utilize our media executive search services throughout the world.


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