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Filcro Media Staffing - Who We Are


Filcro Media Staffing’s heritage began in the 1980's recruiting for the dynamic foundations of today's media industry.    The firm’s practice grew considerably with RCA, G&W, NBC, CBS, ABC, Time Warner, AT&T, Verizon, HBO, Paramount Pictures, FOX, Harpo, A&E, VIACOM, Discovery, Turner, SONY, Arista, BMG, Hearst, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and many others who were the cornerstones of Filcro Media Staffing's success.


The Media Industry People of Filcro Media Staffing

Tony Filson as the founder of Filcro Media Staffing and a former MDS Engineer for Westinghouse  recognized a void within the media and entertainment industries for specialized executive search.


Media industry hiring executives and human resource professionals were vigorously competing to attract business, technical and creative employees to build an industry immersed in convergence, across multi-platform broadcasting.  Recruiting for these "pioneering roles" in the 80's was challenging and it required a search firm that understood strategic and tactical goals as well as the granular skills and experience required to attract the proper employees.  


Tony Filson coming from MDS Sales, Product Management and Broadcast Engineering was at the forefront of Cable TV, MSO and broadcasting technology at Westinghouse.  Tony transferred his engineering and technical knowledge to a professional practice devoted to media and broadcasting recruitment. With hands-on experience in many of the business, technical and creative environments the firm was recruiting for, Filcro Media Staffing became a recruitment resource like no other in the industry.  The most difficult media positions for companies to fill, became the mainstay of the firm's recruitment repotore and still are today.


This respected heritage continues, providing comprehensive global media and broadcasting executive search services to some of the most respected names in the media industry, Fortune 50-500 as well as private equity and media investment banks who want to assure their investments are sound with proper management.


The ecology of Filcro Media Staffing was driven by the Firm’s clients and the evolving business, technical and creative challenges dictated by demanding global media markets. Filcro Media Staffing, met every challenge with efficacy and discretion.


The Presidents, CEOs and Board Members of leading global media entities recruited by Filcro Media Staffing are recognized as having “capacity”.  Filcro Media Staffing has a noted history of success, that speaks for itself alongside those we served and respect from the past and today


We Provide Talent for the Growth, Operation and Monetization of Media


Filcro Media Staffing will always be devoted to the media industry with resources and relationships that bring forward exceptionally talented executives.  


We are refined and aggressive.  Subtle and verbose.  Relentless and thoughtful as we meet the business, technical and creative objectives of our clients, we are Filcro Media Staffing.


Filcro Media Staffing Media and Broadcasting Executive Search Firms
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