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Filcro Media Staffing has been staffing domestic and global news organizations since the firm was founded, in 1985.


With a noted history of recruiting for news organizations seeking journalistic excellence, Filcro Media Staffing has recruited for some of the world's most respected and successful news and information entities.


TV Networks, TV Stations, Radio Networks, News Agencies, NGO's, Governments, Fortune 50-500 and their Corporate Communications heads, as well as News Papers & Magazines, are all clients of the firm.  Filcro Media Staffing is the media industry benchmark of excellence in news and journalism executive search in the world's largest, smallest and most challenging media markets.


Filcro Media Staffing recruits domestically in the United States in every DMA as well as Europe, Asia, The Middle East, The Maghreb, Africa and Latin America.


Recruiting for all media platforms, as stand-alone or multicast, multiplex, multichannel news and information disseminators the firm recruits for: Print, OTA TV, OTA Radio, Digital Radio, OTT, OEM, DOOH, MSO, Satellite, Mobile & Online platforms.


Every function required to lead, build, manage, disseminate and monetize a news organization is recruited for. All business, technical, creative and journalistic positions are supported globally with expeditious results.


Recruitment assignments range from Network News President, Bureau Chief, News Director, Editor in Chief, Executive Producer, Guest Producer, Managing Producer, Assignment Editor, Reporter, Anchor, Editor, Social Media Editor, News Technology Director, GM and many others. 


Filcro Media Staffing is the most comprehensive media and broadcasting executive search firm in the world with extensive news and journalistic recruitment experience.

Below are a number of selected case histories of executive searches for news and journalism executives and detailed information that exhibits Filcro Media Staffing's specialized recruitment experience.  For additional information, please proceed to the practice group of your choice.    


Nomenclature can differ from one organization to another.  Executive Director, News Director, Executive Producer, Bureau Chief, GM, Assignment Editor, EIC and so on can have similar responsibilities. For monetization of news organizations please proceed to our sales group.  For traffic, inventory.  For CMS & Technology.  Production. Practice Groups

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