Newspaper Managing Editor
Dallas, TX - USA

Job Summary

Texas based newspaper is seeking a honed Managing Editor with high journalistic standards.

This publication is a young rapidly growing newspaper fortunate to have a subscriber base well beyond what was anticipated so soon. They are putting out hard news stories with original interviews daily and covering the November 2022 midterms across two counties and at the same time building the respected culture of a dynamic newsroom with integrity.


We seek to print objective, fact-based news devoid of the institutional limitations and ideological slants of many major publications. We reject over-politicized terminology, we reject anonymous sourcing as the basis for stories, and we tell stories that our competitors often won’t.

We need a Managing Editor who can help current management unite our daily content processes, our technical and digital efforts under his or her confident leadership.


The Managing Editor will take the helm of a publication with over 400,000 daily newsletter subscribers and will be the single person most directly shaping the future of the publication and its culture. You’ll be responsible for ensuring the quality of our content, the technical success of the operation, and the growth of our respected publication.

Job Salary & Benefits

This job for a Managing Editor offers a six-figure base salary to start of $125,000 with comprehensive health, dental, 401K, PTO, and corporate relocation.  Additional benefits to be discussed with qualified candidates.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Lead the newsroom: manage a diverse team of reporters, writers, editors, digital publishers, business analysts, and technical talent.

  • Run the workflow: assign stories, ideate on story ideas, and monitor the progress of those stories as they develop. Set the tone for the day in a Daily Writer’s/Editorial Meeting (or appropriate venue of your choice).

  • Coach our reporters: help them improve as investigative reporters, as interviewers, and as writers.

  • Communicate clearly “constructive and necessary” feedback for editors and writers to help them grow as journalists.

  • Be responsible for ensuring the accuracy and quality of articles and a substantial quantity of written material. Demonstrate meticulous attention to detail and guard our journalistic ethics zealously.

  • Shepherd the team towards a greater understanding of our editorial themes and goals – work to instill and enforce through daily, engaged dialogue.

  • Manage to our qualitative and quantitative content goals

  • Work with the revenue team to identify appropriate mechanisms for monetization and associated infrastructure.

  • Interact daily with our technical team and provide project oversight and decisions where necessary as they progress towards our technical development milestones. You will have full-time staff working the technical side who report to you.

  • Represent the organization: create the concepts for and serve as the public face of the organization for any podcasts, local TV interviews, and other media or public appearances. Tell our story well.



  • 5+ years of experience working in a newspaper, news publication, or other written word medium.

  • Multiple years of experience managing and mentoring a team of journalists.

  • An absolute enthusiasm for reading and editing a variety of news stories. Our copy editors will do the brunt of this work, but you’ll provide contextual and other editorial support.

  • A compelling command of the English language and the ability to find errors, fix grammar, and proofread with ease quickly and effectively.

  • Ability to multitask, handle multiple projects and stories simultaneously, professionally and with maturity.

  • The willingness, commitment, and stamina to work whenever and wherever there is a need to get stories ready for publishing.

  • The ability to work and manage effectively within time constraints and deadlines.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Outgoing, personable, and enjoy meeting new people to enhance the Paper and its relationships with the community.

  • Located in or willing to move to the Dallas Metro area.  

  • Willing to passionately work to further our goals of high journalistic standards.


Officer in Charge of Search 

Tony Filson | President

Filcro Media Staffing
The U.S. Journalism Group
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