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Music Media Executive Search

Filcro Media Staffing is a noted music executive search firm that conducts diverse music executive searches for an extensive roster of international music broadcasters, music publishers, record labels, music producers, PRO's and global music entertainment brands.

Since 1985 the firm has provided recruitment services to the most successful music media entities in the world with comprehensive executive search services across all media platforms for creative, business and technical talent acquisition, related to music, music media and music technology.

Music centric executive searches are conducted for B2B, B2C, and C2C monetization channels, with vast experience and acumen related to each media platform where music is utilized. 

Executives are recruited from Manager to CXO to lead the business, technical and creative interests of the music industry in US, LATAM, EU, ASIA & MENA markets.

Music brands, music technology companies, music libraries, and providers of integrated music media products and services also utilize the Firm’s executive recruitment expertise.  A few examples noted below:


The firm serves all interests with devotion for Music, Broadcast, Motion Picture and Digital holdings to attract exceptional talent, on any level.  U.S. and Japanese market interests are at the forefront of the firm's music recruitment efforts currently and we anticipate exceptional growth in U.S. / Japan media and entertainment JV through 2022 and 2023.

Without conflict, Filcro Media Staffing has served directly on the public and private boards, board advisory, compensation and executive search committees of the world's most profitable and creative music entities for executive recruitment, mergers, acquisitions and divestiture of music media assets.  Since 1985 the firm has never breached confidentiality or engaged in a search that would be a conflict of interest for a client company or candidate.

Note: As of May 2022 selected music publishing, music label and music media case histories, will be on the: Filcro Media Staffing Case Histories Page

If you are an "invited executive" for a particular search please click on your country's portal gate below and enter your username and passcode, thank you.

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Tony Filson
President Filcro Media


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