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Music Publishing - Executive Search


Vice President 
Music Publishing Administration
Royalties, Copyrights & Business Affairs


Search    Vice President of Music Publishing
Based    Los Angeles, CA - USA  
Search Firm    
Filcro Media Staffing, New York, NY
Officer in Charge  
 Tony Filson, New York, NY
Reporting to    President USA, Los Angeles, CA


Client Company

Multinational music, media and entertainment conglomerate.  with Record Label, Live Entertainment, Music Publishing, Television, Movie Production, Electronics other related businesses.


Client Company Situation

Increased JV for new business development between the U.S. & Japan facilitated the creation of a new subsidiary to be based in Los Angeles California that could grow rapidly.


The primary businesses of music publishing, A&R, Copyrights & Royalties, PRO Administration and Legal & Business Affairs, would be the initial focus as well as managing a number of top Artists from Japan on a rotational basis to assure that the proper writers and producers in Los Angeles could work with them in writing sessions and then produce the music for global Japanese markets.


All this would take place prior to starting another new label in approximately 12- to 24 months that would enjoy the best of U.S. & Japanese markets.

Executive Search Member(s) Industry and Sector Inclusion


  • Music Publishing

  • Record Labels 

  • PRO's

  • Music Technology

  • Music Distribution

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Motion Picture


The firm had utilized Filcro Media Staffing in the past for U.S. & Japanese business(es). This search was one of multiple assignments, the firm was tasked with concurrently.

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained


The Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge of Search (TF), and the client President formulated a job description that would attract the proper executive.  Based on Filcro Media Staffing’s experience conducting executive searches in publishing, label and PRO related areas in the past, the President set an aggressive cadence, knowing Filcro Media Staffing would be able to meet the deadline. 


Approximately (23) candidates were in the initial universe. 


Challenges Facing the new VP of Music Publishing


  • Setting up new workflow for Royalties & Copyrights

  • Formulating and implementing new reporting structures for Artists, Writers & Producers

  • Establishing workflow between the new entity, the firm's external law firm and the U.S. & Japan internal legal departments

  • Setting up contract templates for JV that would take place just after starting

  • Adaptation of new technology for PRO reporting and a new UI for ease of use by Artists, Partners, Writers & Producers

  • Setup policy for copyrights employees to follow as the firm transitioned to new systems

  • Setup (3) three different structures for US | Japan | US / Japan JV


The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution


Filcro Media Staffing proceeded with recruiting from Los Angeles outwards. A total of 23 candidates were identified with the proper experience. Eight (8) made it to a second FMS round and a final (3) were presented to the client.  The candidate hired was mutually preferred by Filcro Media Staffing, The President, The CFO and The Head of Creative.  The consensus was unanimous.  It took approximately (31) days to complete the search from the initial identification to offer acceptance.


Successful VP of Music Publishing Recruited


The new VP was a noted Music Publishing Director of Licensing, Copyright & Repertoire a highly respected firm where there were few layers and she was very "hands-on"

She exhibited the analytic and process-oriented operational management skills associated with an in-depth knowledge of the music publishing industry; including extensive knowledge of synchronization licenses, mechanical licenses, catalog registrations, counter-claims, performance, mechanical and streaming royalties. Her abilities with big data capture, manipulation and visualization would quite impressive.


With a history of creating workplace systems and workflow to increase the bottom line, productivity and organization, she was ideal for the initial goals and all through the growth projected by the President.

With regard to Data Mining and Modeling, she processed millions of line items of royalty data, quarterly, to meet strict deadlines as it pertained to both company goals and client agreements. She personally increased year over year earnings in mechanical revenue & publishing income.  She boosted client catalog assets, registrations, and collections with international and domestic PROs, consistently each year. 

She managed top-tier catalogs and royalty collections. Provided CWR registrations for international mechanical agency partners and was the point of contact for major clients and business affiliates as well as the firm's law firm.

With her exceptional communication skills, personality, mentoring capabilities and cultural fit with management and the company as a whole, she was indeed, the ideal candidate on the West Coast for the position.

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