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(HAIR) Human Asset Identification Resources

Hardened Broadcasting and Telecommunications 
Facilities - Broadcast Operations & Engineering
Global Management Consulting

Filcro Media provides skilled leadership and U.S. citizen technical staff to build, manage, and operate hardened broadcast and telecom facilities CONUS and OCONUS with appropriate clearances. 


The firm has experience in four atmospheres as compartmented entities, redundant systems and as critical unified systems.   Services are limited to U.S. entities.  Experience includes U.S. Federal Reservations and Active Theaters.

HAIR - Human Asset Identification Resources is available to approved Public and Private sector entities that design, engineer, manage, install and operate critical broadcast and telecom infrastructure, CONUS & OCONUS as well as their approved vendors.

The firm functions in ideal, as well as active theaters 


Public and Private Sector interests are supported for global dissemination and assimilation; vital telecommunications infrastructure; EAN/EAS.  Clustered, decentralized and compartmented modalities based on redundant power, data and transmission for uninterrupted and collaborative operations.


Upgrade expertise is offered CONUS and OCONUS.  The Firm provides structural engineering personnel to perform risk identification/analysis/mitigation for HEMP Shielded Systems and Sub-Systems. 

Transmission modalities include: Submarine, Subterranean, Satellite L/M/H, Microwave, ULF, VHF, DVB, and others as individual or redundant systems to include energy transmission.  Assimilation from (SOI) to (NSOI) categories.

The firm offers guidance to build new facilities, repair or augment technology and the required human assets to set proper protocols for productive and safe operations. 

HAIR will embed assets and guide facility and compound configurations until the completion of each project. TS/SCI/Q for all required projects. 


HAIR obtains and manages CAC for all personnel provided or contracted through the firm who are not active duty DoD personnel. 

For civilian broadcast / news / facility / technology needs please proceed to the following:




Tony Filson | Liaison Officer
Filcro Media | HAIR


Advanced Broadcasting and Telecommunications Executive Search
Antenna Crew Broadcasting Technology Executive Search
Telecom and broadcast INFOSEC Executive Search
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