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Filcro Media Staffing

If you are receiving this message your device MAC, IP or DNS address are not authorized, as presented.

You must authorize or reauthorize your mobile or desktop device to access your Filcro Media Portal. 

Authorization cannot take place behind a VPN.  

If you feel you are receiving this message in error, please:


  1. Click on the portal search link, sent to you, by your Officer in Charge - Your user name and pass-code are highlighted in Green next to your search code in blue.

  2. You will be prompted to receive a text message or email to proceed - Enter the mobile phone number or email address you have immediate access to now, on the device you want to authorize.

  3. Log-in again with your supplied user-name and passcode

  4. Enter the 6 (six) digit code received by text or e-mail

  5. Once in your portal, you may change your passcode.

  6. You know have Messaging, Travel, NDA, Appointment, Document Transfer, Video Conferencing to work on (2two registered device(s)

Please note: Access is always restricted to (2) two devices.  You may unregister and register devices in your portal.


More than (3) three unsuccessful attempts to access your account will require a reset. 


For Reset: You will be prompted for:

  1. The answers to two (2) of your three (3) security questions you answered when registering  

  2. Click on the link supplied and follow instructions.

If you are traveling and require assistance, please email your (OIC) officer in charge of the search with "your full first and last name" in the subject line followed by your "mobile number".  Example:  John Doe 212-555-5555 Thank you.

Filcro Media Staffing - EU


Filcro Media Staffing
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